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Al Lee Wyer: Links

New York Times
Washington Post
Comedy Central
Lou Dobbs
The colbert report
Top off the iPOD with "Good 'ol boy" me.
C Span
Try a few more goodies.
Hardball with chris Mathews
Jack Cafferty
Larry King Live
I could get the Pope elected in Turkey
Washington times
Jerry Fallwell and Co.
United Nations Sight
sirius sattelite radio
New York Post
village Voice
tme magazine
American Civil Leberties Union
Bruce Springsteen Bob Seeger
The Spoof --Political Satire at it's best ( idf you ignore brittanty)
A fun informative sight --- INTELLIGENT writers with a sence of the absurd -- since the absurd ultimatly takes us to ---well--the Absurd!! LONG LIVE LAUGHTER--THE ULTIMATE CURE FOR WHAT AILS YA Once again ---If you aint Laughing--You aint Living
The Onion
When the Times is afraid to say it The ONION will Imply it and wait AND THEN SAY IT !!
Great Indies -- what more can I say ?
Great Indies
emsic guilty
Ron Ardito home page
Ronny Arditos home page
c.d baby
Purchase c.d.'s on line from CD Baby
LifeBeat The Music Industry Fights Aids
LifeBeat has been fighting the A.I.D.S. Epidemic for over 20 years. Contact them if you'd like to Volunteer some of your time to the cause.
The Jim Lampos Web sight
A well traveled troubadour Poet with a couple of great c.d's out there.
The man responsible for documentin' my travels.
John Kerry web sight
The former Presidential Candidate's Sight
When the heating bill comes and it's twice what you paid last year, Just remember Kerry shot himself in the foot. That should warm you up a bit and maybe the next time you go vote you'll remember what an Idiot they took you for.
People for the American Way
Rush Limaugh doesn't like it. It could have been Rogers Brown you know
Christian RIGHT Sight-- ( Watch out for These Folks )
They'll be getting busy in the next few Months. and they have NO intentions of Losing in November---Not at any cost
Natonal Orginazation of Women
Cheap dates. They pay their own tabs.--- (and you better let them ) A must for single unemployed losers with dillusions of Godhood.-- Yeah-- like their just WAITING for you to come allong.