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Al Lee Wyer: Music

Margaret At Bruces Garden( an Irishman's dream)

5 hail mary's and a pint

(Al Lee Wyer)
April 16, 2019
Al Lee Wyer

Young Guys uptown in Inwood at the pub following Seven O'clock Mass and a night of Female Scarcity 

Rusty Town

For The Author In Search Of

A Pinned Knight and A Passed Pawn

Winter Coat In A Closet

Ode To The Moon

She's a' Broka

Guilty with an explanation

I'm sorry Sir, but you filled it out in blue ink and today is a black ink day

Ruy Lopez Blues

Angies Introductions ( Quality Companionship, Reasonably Priced)

A Frosted Glass and a Rainy Night

A Degenerate Gamblers Christmas

Morning Near the Mosque

Cannibles, Who Are They and What Do Their Neighbors Think

On the Concourse

I'm Mailing It in Today, Pass the Pork Rinds

I Am Woman, and the World Can Kiss My Bridge Toll

After Tonight??

Bibles to Cool Aid, Hell of a Jump

The Girl Who Threw Me Out Cause I Was a Bum Song

Time For Lunch

Blue Skies in a Red State