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Al Lee Wyer: Press

" a cross between Johnathan Richmond and the Beatles. A scary man who plays songs you allways thought you'd hear but somehow didn't." I wouldn't play cards with him though. Voice Choice
Andrew Aber - Village Voice
Just thanking the folk's at FSU for the Interview and the airplay.
Thank's and Yes I'll be happy to do it again when I'm in town. Al
I am happy to be among the winners of the Fish Publishing Poetry Competition

My song/poem " ON THE CONCOURSE " will be Published in the Fish Anthology 2007 in Cork City Ireland on July 13th at the West Cork Literary Festival.
Al Lee Wyer plays songs you've almost heard before, with lyrics you can practically remember. With his thicker-than-water Brooklyn accent, he tells tale of his very New York upbringing with a very quirky, recognizable style. Of course, the style changes with just about every song. His storytelling skills, whether through the song or through his long spoken word segments in-between, are humorous to the extreme.
by Jon Berger - New York Anti Folk Festival
" Bob Dylan meets Animal House. A Fun C.D with Depth to boot"
B. Albright - Outer Shell Magazine