a cross between Johnathan Richmond and the Beatles. A scary man who plays songs you allways thought you'd hear but somehow didn't." I wouldn't play cards with him though. Voice Choice” - Andrew Aber

— Village Voice

Just thanking the folk's at FSU for the Interview and the airplay. Thank's and Yes I'll be happy to do it again when I'm in town. Al” - JAKE ( STATION MGR)


I am happy to be among the winners of the Fish Publishing Poetry Competition My song/poem " ON THE CONCOURSE " will be Published in the Fish Anthology 2007 in Cork City Ireland on July 13th at the West Cork Literary Festival.” - Al Lee Wyer

Fish Publishig

Al Lee Wyer plays songs you've almost heard before, with lyrics you can practically remember. With his thicker-than-water Brooklyn accent, he tells tale of his very New York upbringing with a very quirky, recognizable style. Of course, the style changes with just about every song. His storytelling skills, whether through the song or through his long spoken word segments in-between, are humorous to the extreme.” - by Jon Berger

— New York Anti Folk Festival

Bob Dylan meets Animal House. A Fun C.D with Depth to boot” - B. Albright

— Outer Shell Magazine