Back in 04 I had to get a Birth Certificate to take a trip to Ireland. No big deal right? Wrong!

I Patiently stood in line for 45 minuits-- finally reaching the Clerk -- only to be told I needed form 3909ee2 to Continue The Process.

So I get on the D train go downtown and get form 3909ee2

I then returned to the Records Bureau proudly displaying the form as I walked in the office.

I stood in line for another 30 minuits and felt a sence of relief when I finally reached the Clerk.

That's when she said " He didn't Sign it so---- I --I can't Stamp it --You see it's no good if it's not signed AND Stamped.
I can't stamp it if he doesn't sign it you see so it's no good. ==== NEXT!


Sometimes I'm sitting with my back to the corner totally un receptive to the World that's going by me

The Status quo I cannot maintain any longer---Sometimes I wonder if it's even worth the trying

I wil na hear it-- I will na see it--
Addition by Subtraction that's the only way to deal with it.

I canna cure it--I canna heal it
Addition by Subrtaction that's the only way I'll deal with it.

I spent the Morning standing Idly in a damned line----She said she couldnt stamp it cause she said he didn't sign it

When I finally got the Bastard on the back nine he sais ' See me in the Morning and we'll see if we can find it '

they would na hear it --they would na see it--Addition by subtraction that's the only way he'd deal with it:

Ya canna cure it--Ya canna heal it
Additon by subtraction that's the only way to deal with it.

Arbitrary Snap Decisions changing Lives
A Pencils stroke might leave you re -defined

They tell you your a number but you make your own decisions
Independent thought by definition bucks the Main Stream

When Life confront's you use a little Intuition
Most of what their selling isn't worth the thought your Wasting

They willna hear it --they willna see it
Ya canna cure it --ya canna heal it

If not inflated ego pomp or worse
It's Autocratic narrow minded Nasty Clerks

So if Im sitting with me back to the corner ----totallly un- receptive to the world that's going round me.

Some bureaucrat has got the reason in his Folder
It's Therapeutic they feel better when their Fileing

They will na hear it --they will na see it--
Addition by Subtraction that's the only way they'll deal with it.
To deal with it.