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  1. On the Concourse

From the recording On the Concourse

I worked with a guy named Mario Gonzalez. I was an R.C.I. with the N.Y.C. Transit Authority and we worked together on an Emergency Truck.

You get close to a guy when every call you get is a potential disaster.

Mario was sort of a Street Smart Home Boy Type , and one Hell of a Nice Guy.

After a couple of beers though , thats when the Hip Hop bravado shit came out.

One Friday night back in the late 90's Mario was playihg pool up on the Concourse in the Bronx--- for money of course.
Who knows what he said-------- But somebody put 5 Bullets in him on a dark street off Tremont Avenue.

They took him back to Puerto Rico---- and the Transit Authority deleted his pass number.


There's a Baby Faced Killer, with a GLOCK in his hand
It come up from Richmond, in a Drug Dealers Van
And there's a price tag on Life here, there are people who die
For a coat or a wallet, or a Wandering eye.
There's a detached indifference, that says " Deal With It Boss"
It's a measure of stature, it's the style of the Strong
The Dead line the canvass, of the old building walls
Confronting the madness , --- The Pen answers the Sword, ----The pen Answers the Sword
In the suburbs it's Theory-- That's becoming to real
It's tested in Schoolyard's
You can learn not to feel, You can learn not to feel
Mix a gun with Bacardie, add a hot August Night
While they outline a body, well the Old Men just sigh
The prevailing condition, is a Sorry affair
And it just reached fruition-----
-- On the Concourse out there------ On the Concourse out there.