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  1. Ruy Lopez Blues

From the recording Ruy Lopez Blues


I tried to slip a fast one by her but she would not fall for that
I tried covert deception, but she recognized the Trap

A ticking Clock--- a Position that will not prove
Are bringing on these Ruy Lopez Blues

Had she opened with the old Queens Gambit hell I'd probably accept
Gain a Tempo Kingside but that has not happened yet

Our best laid plans--have lead to a Waterloo
Right Now I've got those Ruy Lopez Blues

The Move Cried out for Inspiration
A Quick Exchange left nothing solved at all
I said I felt assured that my defenses were secure
In the course of time her answer Proved me Wrong.

Early Doubts were Justified and their becoming all to real
A Middle game deficiency has plainly been Revealed

You learn to Win---By Learning how not to lose
Right now I'll sing these Ruy Lopez Blues

In Quiet Resignation, We left Wiser than we came
I knew I'd gained a Measure----of her Passion for the Game

Another day--- I might sing another Tune
But Tonight I'll sing these Ruy Lopez Blues